Escalating Insecurity: Threatening Lives in Northern and Eastern States of Nigeria

Insecurity in Some northern and eastern states has Endangered the lives of its people.

The issue of insecurity in Nigeria has become something of grave concern to all well-meaning citizens, most of whom continue to wonder how the country arrived at such a dastardly situation where no one is safe; and worse still, rather than abate, the problem is escalating and now totally out of control. Insecurity in Nigeria is a recurring phenomenon that threatens the well-being of its citizensOver the years bandits have taken over most of these areas with te act of terrorism disturbing the person and harmony of the people. Since the emergence of the terrorist group called Boko Haram in the north which started as far back as the year 2012, the level of terrorism has increased drastically, which has affected many lives in these areas. The Level of kidnapping has there increased immensely which has brought about more concern when travelling or moving to the North. The north-east has been subject to a humanitarian crisis lasting over a decade and caused by the Boko Haram insurgency and the Islamic State in West Africa Province. Meanwhile, the north-west is enmeshed in illegal mining, ethnoreligious killings, and banditry. It is, therefore, that insecurity in Nigeria has assumed a soft spot in political stance and that it has claimed thousands of lives and extensive damage and loss of property. According to Business Day, rising violence in the country cost Nigeria 11% of its GDP with N119 billion. Similarly, projects worth N12 trillion were abandoned across Nigeria due to insecurity and other challenges according to data from TownTalk solutions.

IPOB attacks: Clear your names or be considered responsible, South East — Nigeria — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

This had implications for job creation and economic prosperity as purchasing power declined. Nigeria is now regarded as the world’s poverty capital and has an estimated 91 million people living in extreme poverty which is projected to reach 106.6 million by 2030. The insecurity challenge also affected other sectors in terms of government revenue allocation as the security budget continues to increase year on year. Also, as major regions and states in the country became the hotspot for activities that threatened peace and security, people were forced to move to safer locations within and outside the country. Consequently, places like Abuja, Lagos, etc. are gradually becoming home to migrants resulting in the overpopulation of selected places. I’ve been keeping up with Nigeria’s inflation performance, and it seems that insecurity has played a role in the rising prices of goods and food items, despite the reported deceleration in inflation from April 2021 according to the National Bureau of Statistics. It’s concerning to see the disconnect between the data and the reality in the market. Hopefully, steps can be taken to address the underlying issues causing this inflation.

Bandits Demand N4m For Release Of NYSC Member Kidnapped In Zamfara

That is terrible news. It’s heartbreaking to hear that someone’s safety and well-being are being threatened in such a way. I hope that the authorities are doing everything they can to ensure the safe release of the NYSC member. It’s important to prioritize the safety of individuals and take measures to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. Bandits who kidnapped one of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members have demanded N4million ransom. Recall that the corper was abducted within the Zamfara State territory.

North-East: A tourist haven turned terrorists' den - Punch Newspapers

It’s disheartening to hear about the recent abduction of eight members of the NYSC in Zamfara State. This is just another example of the insecurity issues plaguing Nigeria and the impact it has on innocent individuals. It’s important for the government to address these underlying issues to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens. Emmanuel Etteh, the father of one of the victims, Glory Thomas, confirmed the latest development to Channels Television in a telephone conversation on Friday. Etteh said the bandits called with their number to inform him about the abduction of his daughter and asked him to pay N4 million to secure her release. It is such a sorrowful thing to hear . It must be a difficult situation to be in. It’s unfortunate that people resort to such criminal activities, causing harm to innocent individuals. I hope you are taking the necessary steps to ensure your safety and well-being. 

Solutions to curb insecurity

One important solution to curb insecurity is to increase the presence of law enforcement officers in areas that are known to be high-risk. Another solution is to raise awareness and educate the public on safety measures they can take to protect themselves. It’s also crucial to address the root causes of insecurity, such as poverty and unemployment, and provide resources to those in need. Overall, it’s important to work together as a community to create a safer environment for everyone. To be secured, we must revamp our leadership recruitment criteria and stick to them religiously and honestly. There is a need to interrogate the type of education that we are giving to our younger generation. Is it one that guarantees our safety tomorrow or one that will pull us deeper into insecurity? These are issues that we must interrogate critically


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