House Speaker Mike Johnson is strongly condemning the Biden administration for its stance on migration, particularly as an unprecedented surge of unauthorized immigrants overwhelms the border.

Upon the joint release of a statement by the White House and the Mexican government, advocating for amnesty for undocumented immigrants, Johnson expressed his discontent. The announcement resulted from discussions between a team led by Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, and officials from the Mexican government.

While the declaration emphasized the need for “orderly, humane, and regular migration,” it failed to provide solutions for the ongoing challenge of hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants crossing the U.S. border illegally each month.

Johnson has since criticized Biden’s endorsement of illegal immigrants in his pro-amnesty speech, labeling it as a “reckless” assertion that these individuals are a “vital part of the U.S. economy and society.”

Expressing his dismay, Johnson stated, “Unconscionable to hear the Biden Administration disclose that Secretaries Mayorkas and Blinken met with the President of Mexico to discuss amnesty for illegal immigrants at a time when America is facing the biggest border crisis in its history.” He emphasized the need for the U.S. to prioritize legislation that discourages rather than encourages foreigners from attempting to enter the country.

Recent years have seen record highs for illegal immigration along the southern border, with Border Patrol encountering over two million illegal migrants in fiscal year 2023 and 2.2 million in fiscal year 2022, according to official data.

In fiscal year 2023, ICE reported almost 3,000 arrests for criminal offenses, following more than 2,200 arrests in FY 2022 and around 2,300 in FY 2021.

Confidential government information obtained by CBS News indicates that over 300,000 migrants are expected to be processed by U.S. immigration authorities in December, setting a new monthly record, including a likely unprecedented number of child-bearing immigrant households.

The ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, lasting three years, has reached a critical juncture due to an unprecedented influx of migrants. This situation has strained resources in both large and small American communities, left migrants in precarious situations, and prompted lawmakers to consider severe restrictions on asylum. Additionally, it has heightened the vulnerability of President Biden’s reelection campaign.

As per the appointment system implemented by the Biden administration, it is anticipated that U.S. Border Patrol agents at the Mexican border will detain a quarter of a million undocumented immigrants this month, while their counterparts at authorized ports of entry will handle about 50,000 newcomers. Monthly totals dating back to the fiscal year 2000 show that the quantity of migrants encountered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection along the southern border in one month has never been higher.

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