Scoops Cafe’s New ‘Deluxe’ Shawarma is a Must-Try in Makurdi

A tasty new shawarma option is making waves in Makurdi. Scoops Cafe, the popular restaurant chain, recently launched its premium “Scoops Deluxe” shawarma at its second location in Benue’s capital city. And early reviews suggest this could become the best spot for shawarma lovers in Makurdi.

What makes the Deluxe shawarma so special is its big portions and high-quality ingredients. Generous servings of premium chicken are cooked and the inside is tender. The well-seasoned shawarma is wrapped in a warm flatbread with fresh veggies and  creamy garlic sauce.

The Deluxe platters take it up a notch, served with flavorful. It’s an indulgent shawarma feast designed to satisfy even the biggest cravings.

“With rising food costs, we wanted an affordable premium option for guests looking to treat themselves,” says Scoops Makurdi manager Rita Okoli. “The Deluxe gives us a chance to get creative with top ingredients and bold new flavors.”

While just launched in trial mode, the buzzworthy Deluxe menu is already getting shawarma fans excited. Future additions could include beef shawarma, local seasonal veggies, unique flavor fusions, and more house made sauces.


For budget-conscious diners, Scoops still offers its classic shawarma wraps and combos at a low everyday price. But the Deluxe shows the brand’s goal to serve high quality food at multiple price points as it expands in Nigeria.

“We want Scoops to be the go-to spot for all shawarma lovers, whether students on a budget or folks celebrating something special,” Okoli says. “From quick bites to big feasts, our aim is great flavors and warm service.”

As Scoops refines its Deluxe recipes based on customer feedback, the new indulgent shawarma is quickly becoming a must-try for Makurdi food fans. For the ultimate delicious shawarma experience, this trendy cafe is staking its claim as the city’s most craveable destination.


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