Last Updated: 27th June, 2023

This Disclosure Page outlines the transparency and disclosure practices of Wowzagist.com (“the website”) regarding the content, partnerships, and potential conflicts of interest that may arise. We believe in maintaining the highest level of integrity and providing our readers with accurate, reliable, and unbiased information. Transparency is paramount to us, and we want to ensure that our audience is well-informed about our policies and affiliations.

  1. Content Generation: The content published on Wowzagist.com is generated by our team of writers and contributors who are dedicated to delivering informative and engaging articles, news, and analysis. We strive to maintain editorial independence and ensure that our content remains unbiased, accurate, and fair.

  2. Affiliate Marketing: Wowzagist.com participates in various affiliate marketing programs. This means that we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases made through the affiliate links provided in our articles. These affiliate links are usually denoted with disclosures such as “Affiliate Link” or “Buy Now.” Please note that these affiliate partnerships do not influence our content, and our editorial team’s decision-making process remains independent.

  3. Sponsored Content: At times, Wowzagist.com may feature sponsored content, where we collaborate with brands, organizations, or individuals to create informative or promotional articles. Sponsored content is always clearly labeled as such, and we ensure that it aligns with our editorial standards and adds value to our readers. Our commitment to transparency means that we will disclose any sponsored content in a clear and prominent manner.

  4. Advertising: We display advertising on Wowzagist.com through various ad networks, including display ads, native ads, and sponsored listings. These advertisements help support the operational costs of running the website. While we strive to ensure that the displayed ads are relevant and trustworthy, we do not endorse the products, services, or companies featured in these advertisements. Users are encouraged to use their discretion when engaging with the advertised content.

  5. Editorial Independence: Wowzagist.com maintains strict editorial independence, and our content is not influenced by advertisers, sponsors, or any outside parties. Our editorial team is solely responsible for the creation, selection, and publication of the articles, news, and analysis featured on the website.

  6. User Privacy: We value user privacy and adhere to applicable data protection laws and regulations. We collect and process user information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information on how we handle user data.

  7. Updates and Changes: This Disclosure Page may be updated or modified from time to time without prior notice. We encourage users to check this page periodically to stay informed about any changes in our disclosure practices.

For any further information or inquiries regarding our disclosure practices, please contact us at [email address].

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